$500 Donation Funds Little Dragons Program

Many parents who were impressed with the YMCA TKD School asked about a program for their younger children; those under 6 (the minimum age for the School). Because of the dangers associated with 4 and 5 year olds kicking, punching, and spinning near teens and adults, a separate facility had to be found. Because 4 and 5 year olds have much shorter attention spans then teens or adults, instruction had to be more one on one. Thanks to a “grandpa” donating $500 to the School, the YMCA was able to establish the Little Dragons Program for budding martial artists like 5 year-old Josh Alvestad pictured with his YMCA pre-school teacher and fellow Yellow-belt Ms. Carol performing at the 2016 “Y” Day. Since its inception in January, 2016, the program has grown so much that we now offer Little Dragons a choice of two classes each week – Tuesday or Thursday at 5:30 PM.